Friday, December 31, 2010

Mister D ~ A New Year Brew ~ Part One

Three and a half years ago, Brendan made his first batch of mead with our friend Nate. Since then, we've completed eleven other batches. We have one brewing in the carboy. And tonight, we got started on our next batch, called Mister D (A nod to Dionysus, the Greek God of Wine, particularly his incarnation from The Percy Jackson Series), which will have a grape flavor.

Tonight we took three gallon ziploc bags full of grapes from our friend Penny, two cans of grape juice concentrate, and two campden tablets and used the following process:

Wash children's stinky feet in sink with lots of soap.

Place children in bowl to stomp on grapes. They provided a variety of sound effects, including, "Ewwww." "It's sqidgy." and "There are grapes between my toes!"

After the juice was stomped out, we used our trusty bag to strain out peels, pulp and pits, leaving us with a gallon and a half of juice mix.

Pitched two campden tablets to kill any unwanted bugs, either from the grapes or the feet.

Let sit overnight in food grade plastic bucket.

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